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Short Films


Creative film is at the heart of Akron. We were founded on original film ideas and love any opportunity we have to further develop our portfolio of original content.

Making our first original short film back in 2016 was such a thrilling experience. Having worked on so many films for other people it was refreshing to have this opportunity to produce and direct our own content.

After that first film, we went on to develop many more.
Among them was 'Sisygambis', an original film commissioned by Swansea University and written/produced by Akron Productions. 
This was a thrilling opportunity. Working alongside Classics students to study Alexander the Great and create a film on him was an eye-opening experience that we can't wait to recreate.

14590028_1074609582636244_2214828466366850032_o (1)_edited.jpg

Akron have produced short films for many occasions; anthologies, commissions, or just out of pure love for the experience!

If you have an idea that you can't quite get from script to screen - we are always happy to take on creative projects and lend our producing skills to new, exciting, projects.

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