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We are Akron Productions

(Akron definition: From Ancient Greek ἄκρον (akron, “extremity, peak”) I was 14 when I came up with the name and it stuck, I'll take no further questions)

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Our journey starts in the year 2015 where we all started learning filmmaking techniques and got the mistakes out of our system. We produced a few short films in that year – not amazing by any means but we were learning the craft. Our break came in 2016 where we co-produced 'The Dreamers' using professional cast and crew. In 2017, the 25-minute film was screened in the Ffwrnes Theatre and the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival. In 2017 we got on to as many film sets as possible working as runners, assistant to the camera, and even location marshalls for a Netflix TV series!

2018 is where our promotional filmmaking roots started. We went all in and used up any cash we saved up to buy the kit we needed, set-up a website for ourselves, and we were off. We had some truly amazing opportunities filming awards shows, fashion shows, pantos, and so much delicious food.



In 2019, it all kicked off with some fantastic projects. The most notable was a huge project with Swansea University's Ancient History department where we worked with the students in making a short film called 'Sisygambis'. The film had a screening in a packed out Taliesin Theatre. We also had our first experience doing live camera operating, shooting a wedding and some big conferences.

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Ah 2020, the year of COVID - but it didn't stop us from developing the business further! We went back to our roots and shot a brand new short film called 'The Black Stones' (out soon). We also made a big promo video for 'Welsh Otter' currently sitting on 800k views, working with Mark Llywelyn Evans's 'ABC of Opera' on their latest teacher's pack, creating promotional content for Plaid Cymru and working with Theatrau Sir Gar to bring a bit of Christmas to care homes by shooting ‘West End @ Christmas’.

2020 -

The Future - You can be part of it. We want to put you in the picture.

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